We believe the world is ready for the next level of experience & game design. Moving beyond leisure we see a crucial role for immersive experiences and games to change the way people think, feel and act. This learning experience aims to give you the methods and mindsets of Experience Design to do just that.


In this special edition we collaborate with Up the Game to add some game design magic to our experience design training. The course is open for all! 


This is for you if...
  • You are ready to explore how experience design methods can level up your designs and offerings.


  • You want to develop as a leader by harnessing the power of a design approach to create transformative experiences.

  • You are passionate about immersive experiences, experience design and/or real life games.

  • You are curious about how consciously designed experiences can go beyond leisure and be employed to create relations and large scale change.

  • You are...

    • a (future) creator of immersive experiences looking for inspiration

    • a professional in need of a new and bold perspective

    • an escape room or real life game designer ready to take a next step

    • a trainer or consultant that wants to make more impact

    • someone that wishes to make the world just a bit more enchanting and fun.

We are part of a world that's getting ever more experience-driven. The experience economy is evolving, and in order to be a leader the experiences you design must have a purpose that evolves with the changing needs of your users.


Real life gaming has become a serious industry. Starting from simple escape rooms, we've evolved to rich and complex games of all sorts. ​This blossoming of an industry has happened at the same time as the growth of experience design as a wide range of professional methods and tools. This learning experience aims to combine these potent forces! 


People are increasingly looking for more than plain fun (the sex, drugs and rock & roll of experience) as the experience economy matures and the wave of the transformation economy is about to break. People are looking for sense and purpose: they wish to learn and want experiences that meaningfully enable them to be part of something bigger. We believe that using experience design and game design are some of the keys to creating complex societal change. 


Consciously designing experiences and games for ourselves and others enable us to shape a world that is richer, more connected and full of value. A world that embraces change and takes us to the next level of understanding what it means to be human.


This training is aimed at giving participants the tools and language to live up to their full creative potential and empower others to do so as well.


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What makes this relevant?
What will you take from this learning experience?

Get a toolbox filled with facilitation methods and design mindsets to create engaging and authentic experiences that are meaningful to the people you work with and for.

Learn why experience design is an effective lens to help you navigate through complexity with purpose and clarity, by focusing on the experience of people you or your organization serve.

Become a more confident and effective leader and creator, through learning the language and mindsets of experience design. Develop the skills that you need to bring real life gaming to the next level.

Lead the change

Get the tools

Navigate complexity

Collaboration with

This special edition we collaborate with Up the Game to bring the magic of (real life) game design into the world of experience design. We aim to have a number of participants with a background in game design to stimulate cross-sector learning and inspiration.


About Up the Game

Up The Game welcomes professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs from all corners of the Escape Room & Real Life Gaming industry to come together, in a physical space, to learn and teach, be inspired and become motivated. Last, but surely not least, to get to know each other and have fun!


Nobody knows for sure what the future holds, but we believe it's going to be awesome and wonderful. We believe we can build it together and make ideas come alive.


Starting right after the 2019 Up the Game conference, we invite you to a beautiful (secret) location not too far from Amsterdam. You'll be immersed in a three-day magical adventure of curiosity and wonder.

What People say


For anyone starting to see the importance of mindful experience design, this is both a fantastically rich course as well as an inspiring example in how to do it.


TXD has been fabulous: the people, the food, the location, the unexpected. What an experience! Most of all, it has given me tools to work with everyday to design new meaningful experiences with a holistic approach.


During three days I found myself fully immersed in a fairy-tale like experience.
Surrounded by a group of beautiful talented people.
The course was fast but feasible, exploring my full potential.
I’ve learned models and methods that I since use on a regular base.


Certainly one of
the most powerful courses I participated in.
A great authentic adventure! 


Join us for this edition from May 9th - May 11th, 2019 by applying below.


Want to know more? Drop us a note at info@trainingxd.com.