The Kaospilot Experience Design method

The backbone of the 3-day program is real world challenges that participants bring into the course. These challenges will be taken on through the creation of unique experience design solutions. In doing so, we will use a 3 step iterative process: head, heart and hands. 

Theories are translated into hands-on exercises so the participants leave with a practical understanding of everything they learn.

  • Using the 5E-model of experience design: excitement, entry, engagement, exit and extension.

  • Designing with a guiding purpose, to powerfully engage your team and users.

  • Understanding the 15 core meanings that give value to our lives.

  • Using elements of surprise and storytelling to power up the experiences you create.

  • Navigating between designing an experience and hands-on creating a prototype

  • Being aware of the power of experiences that are designed with love, time and energy.

What you will learn
The Program

Build the team. Share Experience Design basics, and research practice.


  • Foundation for future community

  • A rich picture of the field and how it is developing

  • Understanding of how complexity  impacts work and action

  • Practice to execute research to find leverage in your design


Design for complexity. Lead with purpose. Structure development and iterations.



  • Meaningful experience immersion

  • Identify topology of experiences and relations

  • Architecture to share work, prioritize action as well as development.

  • A High Concept and purpose design


Prototype for impact.  Create commitment. Implement with nuance.    


  • Prototypes and iterations

  • Structuring execution  of experiences

  • Impact assessment and metrics

  • Journey map

  • Final presentations

  • Feedforward  and iterative design

Day 2 - Heart

Design for Purpose

and Meaning

Day 3 - Hands

Prototype & Implement

Day 1 - Head

Research & Shared

Collaboration with Kaospilot

Kaospilot is a hybrid business and design school, a multi-sided education in leadership and entrepreneurship. The teaching programs are not designed simply to shape emergent leaders to the future, but to help them create it.


Kaospilot focusses on people’s potential to develop and to achieve – to use their creativity and set direction, and create the setting which allows them to navigate the uncertainty that follows. We guide creatives and potential change-makers to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies they need to full their values and visions. We build the frameworks that support creative minds to become creative leaders. Over the years, KAOSPILOT has worked with hundreds of organizations worldwide – from Greenland to South Africa.

Meet The Team




A Kaospilot, experience designer, speaker and educator. Bridging the worlds of design and organizational change through consultancy. Andy works for clients globally. He has had the pleasure of being with Kaospilot Experience Design since the courses inception.




Diederik designs learning experiences for universities and equips teachers in facilitating meaningful learning experiences. In his work over the past 10 years at Dock20, he's bridged old and emerging systems, a transition in which we move from learning our students to fit, into learning them to thrive.


Chris Jan


Chris Jan is a trainer and learning facilitator in heart and soul. He is fascinated with how to build learning environments that inspire, energize and connect people. As an entrepreneur at Dock20 he builds learning experiences that change the way people think about education.



Studio XD

Michel is an explorer and experience designer at
Studio XD. He facilitates and initiates innovations that 

impact and meaning, currently in travel, education and leisure. He believes the world should have more magic, wonder and meraki. Michel is fascinated by connecting people and ideas to bring about that change.

Traning experience design mark smolenaar


Studio XD

Mark is an experience designer at Studio XD and entreprenneur of 3 Escape Rooms at Project Escape in Nijmegen. His inner drive is to surprise people and let them wonder. He uses, among other things, gaming and interaction to create immersive non- digital worlds.


Next edition -

December 11 - 13th 2019

Nijmegen region, the Netherlands